Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pictures of the Garden from the past before Bodgeit.

Here is an overview of the Original garden jujing by the size of the Eucalyptus tree being less than 30 foot high which it was about two years ago whe it was blown down in strong winds. Thes pictures are from quite a while ago my guess would be 5-8 years or so. I got them via email 5 years ago when I was looking at buying the house.

With a foot print of 24' x 12' its a big space shrubs have gone Pampas grass is going though a bit worried it might decide to grow again.

Also some very tall grasses that look like Bamboo I belive it to be a very tall Miscanthus that looks like bamboo that is in three huge clumps.

So now imagine what this paradise must look like now after two years of neglect!!!

It is a paradise still for all kinds of wild life you can hear the frog chorus in February and March and the pond boils with Frog activity. By calculation the pond holds 1000 Gallons of water.

Over the last four years I have lost in excess of 8 trees through wind and drought conditions.

I have removed 3 conifers in the middle of the garden as they were just far too big and four conifers that were in front of the 16ft shed that was so well disguised by them you cant even see it in the picture above you can just see the 14' long green house which is added to the end of the shed this is mid picture the shed starts by the tall conifer on the far left back of the picture.

January 2007 the Eucalyptus tree blown down


  1. Nice garden. I think you and Forrest must be competing for the most blogs. I think you are winning at the moment.

  2. Its not such a nice garden right now.. Midge is just looking for recent pictures. I've not seen all of Forrests blogs yet.

  3. I'm no expert, but the pampas grass probably won't bother returning if it gets trampled a lot. The bamboo-like grasses will be unlikely to pop up through the shed floor, but they are very likely to come up round the sides. These grow by sending off shoots sideways underground and seeing where they can pop up.. Only if you can sever all underground shoots will you win outright, but it should be controllable by mowing!

  4. I've used half a Round-up bottle on the pampas grass stump (2.5' in diameter x 2' high).
    After the round up takes effect was thinking of starting a small fire in its centre to burn the rest down.

    My possibly irrational worry with the Miscanthus was its like building on a growing bed of nails.

    Caused by my experience with 3mm in diameter thin bog like grasses in the patio/decking area where it grew straight through weed fabric and a layer of tarpaulin sheeting!. The Miscanthus comes through as sharp points 6-8 mm diameter the size of asparagus shoots. The Miscanthus is arranged in 4 or 5 clumps each about 4' in diameter that join up to make a Wall of grass.

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